HI everyone & welcome to my website! I'm thrilled to announce that my song Come Home To me is the official theme song for the beautiful WWI film Eleven, which has just been released by Evolutionary Films. Starring Richard Dee-Roberts, David Schaefer, Guillaume Rivaud & Sean Cronin, this incredibly moving story all takes place on the last day of WWI. By way of celebration of its release, I'm giving this lovely song away as a FREE gift. If you'd like a copy just pop your email address in the box below and I'll send it straight to you. (By the way, if you scroll a bit further down you might just grab a Free copy of my second album 'The Promise' too!) 

Grab your Free copy of the beautiful 'Come Home To Me'

'Come Home To Me' is the theme song to 'Eleven', the brand new British WWI film. This beautiful story takes place on the last day of WWI.

Brand new Celtic song Tursachan Chalanais

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